The Division of Education, Supervision and Instruction offers professional development workshops for students, faculty, teachers, administrators and the community at large.

Applied Writing for the Classroom Teacher

A workshop designed for prospective and in-service teachers; addresses skills needed for effective writing and the ways these skills are developed; emphasis on essay structure and development, conventional usage, and principles of essay evaluation.

Special Education Strategies for the Classroom Teacher

Teaching the mainstreamed special education student in the general classroom. Individualized diagnostic and prescriptive teaching, counseling, legal aspects, and instructional principles and practices.

Language and Social Cultural Issues in School

This workshop focuses on the importance of the social and cultural origins of language and literacy as they relate to the needs of students and teachers in a democratic society.

Teaching Exceptional Children and at-risk Students

Working with marginally functioning and at-risk students within the school population, includes intervention techniques, strategies for motivating learners, with physical intellectual, social and emotional difficulties.

Classroom Management and Discipline

This workshop addresses positive behavior management for dealing with apathy and negativity among students. Developing teacher strategies and skills for creating a productive learning environment conducive for learning; insights and practical applications for dealing with behavior issues and individual student problems.

The Summer Intensive Teaching and Learning Institute

"An integrated program for Educators and Future Educators." The SITL institute is designed to offer all teachers in grades K-14, instructional strategies, innovative approaches to teaching and learning, problem-solving and assessment techniques for increasing student achievement in the core subject content areas.