10. Go back to school

Summer is a great time for adult learners to go back to school to begin or complete a degree. Individuals can continue their education without sacrificing personal or professional obligations. Class sizes are smaller which promotes more individualized attention and can help make the transition back to the classroom go smoother.

9. Try something new

Summer School is a great time to explore your interests. During the fall and spring you may not be able to take courses that meet your interests. Attend Summer School and take a course in a new field or learn something new.

8. Start Early

If you plan on attending Tougaloo College and you are graduating from high school in the spring or are ready to transfer from a community college, get a jump start on your Tougaloo education. Summer School can make the transition to Tougaloo easier.

7. Retake Classes

Failing a class is never fun, and trying to retake the course when you have several other classes is really hard. Your knowledge of the subject will be stronger if you retake it immediately. If you attend Summer School you can choose to just take that one course. This will allow you to devote more time to the course and hopefully pass it. Also, summer courses are faster. You probably don't want to spend four months listening to the same lectures you have already listened to. You just need a brief rerun of the material that you struggled with in order to pass the course. Retaking failed college classes over the summer gives you this opportunity.

6. Great Time to Take Challenging Courses

There are some courses that are a lot harder than others for different individuals. For example, if you have a hard time with math, you may want to take a math course during the summer. This way, you'll be able to spend more time working on the subject and your instructor will be more accessible because there are fewer students.

5. Attend Summer School and get in a vacation or time at home

Since Summer School is only 6 weeks, you still have 2-4 weeks to spend time at home, vacation or take advantage or other summer opportunities such as interns or study abroad trips. It is also a way to work and earn credit towards your degree because you only meet two days a week. Summer School is also available to visiting college students from other colleges and universities home for the summer.

4. Don't necessarily need to be on campus to "attend" Summer School

Tougaloo College offers on-line courses as well as on-site offerings. So you do not physically have to be on-site to attend summer school. As long as you have a computer you can take summer courses from a location of your convenience.

3. Shorter

If you are dreading taking a course you think will not be interesting to you, take it in the summer. You will only have to attend it for six weeks compared to 15 weeks.

2. Finish Degree Faster

Attending Summer School will allow you to finish your degree faster than if you just attend in the fall and spring. If you want to finish your degree faster, consider taking courses year round and as many as you can handle.

1. Price

Summer courses are actually cheaper than the fall or spring. If you are on a tight budget, summer is a great time to attend. Tuition is comparable to regional colleges and universities and at $132 per credit hours is a great value from a prestigious institution.