Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What type of background is needed for the HIMS program?

    Preferably, a background in healthcare, health information technology or related area. However, acceptance decisions are made on an individual basis.

  2. Will I be able to apply for financial aid?

    Yes! Visit and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Allow 4-6 weeks for processing time. Tougaloo College Title IV Code for the FAFSA is 002439. Complete the Tougaloo College Financial Aid Application.

  3. After I complete the course, what will I be able to do with this certification?

    There are many different ways you can use your certification.  You can work yourself and become a consultant or you can secure a position working in a hospital, clinic, physician’s offices, or with a vendors. Here are some of the positions you may qualify for:

    EHR Analyst
    EHR Coordinator
    EHR Implementation Specialist
    EHR Trainer
    EHR Vendor
    EHR Physician Liaison

    You will also be eligible to take a national competency exam through the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

  4. Does the program provide internship opportunities?

    Yes! We offer optional internships for those who apply and qualify at the end of the program.

  5. What is the possible starting salary with this certification?

    Here are figures based on industry research, but keep in mind your background and experience helps to influence your salary and many who only seek certification may not make warrant these particular salaries.

    1. Application Systems Analyst-$72,544 average
    2. Clinical/Nurse Informatics Director-$103,504 average
    3. Clinical/ Medical Informatics Director-$176, 588 average
    4. IS/IT Manager-$96,909 average
    5. Clinical Systems Analyst-Nurse-$84,007 average
    6. Project Manager-$93,877 average
    7. Director of Information Systems-$116,569 average
    8. Chief Security Officer-$122,975 average
    9. Chief Technology Officer-$142,311 average
    10. Implementation Manager- $94,157 average
  6. Can I receive help with job placement?

    Yes! We can provide assistance toward the end of the program and beyond program completion.

  7. Is the program affiliated with any hospitals?

    Yes! The program is affiliated with the Health Management Association hospitals in the Mississippi area (

  8. What’s the difference between your program and similar programs?

    Other programs may deal with the technical component and training in the EHR. Our program focuses on the implementation and support of the EHR along with training and developing educational programs for staff with an emphasis on quality improvement. Also, we offer optional, non-paid internships to those who apply and qualify to get hands-on training, coupled with our dynamic teaching faculty and curriculum development, as well as, our program design targeted for working professionals at the graduate level.

  9. Can I get my RHIA with this certification?

    No. RHIA programs are offered at the 4 year Bachelor’s Degree level and 2 year Masters’ Degree levels but this is a specialty certificate program that allows students to work in the field of Health informatics and information management, particularly with the Electronic Health Record.

  10. What is a proctor form and why would I need that?

    Proctor forms are used to certify a person to proctor each of the final exams for each course. It is used as a basis to reduce bias and gain objectivity in taking the final exams and to assess the student’s true level of understanding and knowledge from the information presented in the course.

  11. Is this program accredited?

    The HIMS program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).