• Who can perform community service projects?

Students who have successfully completed at least 30 hours towards their degree and attended an SASC community service workshop.

  • With what agencies can I perform my community service project?

You can choose from over 50 agencies SASC has identified on the Community Service Partners list.

  • Can I receive credit for service by campaigning for an individual candidate or proposition?


  • Can I perform service at my place of worship or church?

Yes, but not for hours during worship nor by acting as an usher, choir member, etc. Acceptable service includes VBS, community days, mission trips, or tutoring that is available to anyone regardless of race, creed, sex, or religion.

  • Can I volunteer at daycare centers?

Yes, but only daycares run by non-profit organizations such as Head Start, Stewpot, Salvation Army, public schools, etc. are eligible sites.  For-profit sites are not acceptable.

  • Can I perform a project by using participation in clubs and other social activities?

No. Club meetings, fundraisers and general activities do not qualify as community service hours towards graduation.

  • What is a campus national service organization?

A national service organization is an organization such as fraternities, sororities, national honor societies, discipline specific organizations, and organizations found outside of campus locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Can I use hours from another college or university?

Only if the hours are posted on the transcript and only up to 30 hours may be transferred.

  • Do I have to perform all 60 of my service hours at once?

No, you may perform as many hours as needed or allowed for the project. However, we suggest that you try to complete all of your hours at one site.