Documenting Service

As previously indicated, the community service project is an opportunity for students to broaden their Tougaloo College experience while addressing the community’s needs. Service is used as a means to explore a career path, apply course work, fulfill personal goals, and develop meaningful relationships.   Therefore, prior to researching a potential site, you should research your career interest and the opportunities to apply what you have learned and gain on the job training.

Step 1: Required attendance at a scheduled community service seminar

You must attend a community service seminar sponsored by the SASC to receive clearance to submit a project request.

Step 2: Choose an organization from the approved list

Step 3: Contact the agency to schedule an interview

Step 4: Complete community service project proposal and project synopsis (project synopsis sample)

Step 5: Submit community service project proposal to SASC to obtain start date

Step 6:  Provide the agency with your available hours, set up a schedule, and supervisor must email SASC your schedule

Step 7: Perform service

Step 8: Submit reflective essay and post-service evaluation (essay requirements)

Step 9: Thank the agency in writing and in person for providing you with this opportunity